CAST Adds Video and Image Processing Cores to Compression IP Product Line.


New IP cores for image scaling, video deinterlacing, and graphics acceleration are now available in the Video and Image IP core product line of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider CAST, Inc. (See for details.)
CAST already offers one of the broadest and deepest available lines of video and image compression IP, with cores for H.264, JPEG 2000, and five JPEG variations. The new processing cores handle functions typically required before or after compression or de-compression, enabling CAST to offer a more complete video/image IP package to system-on-chip (SoC) designers.

The products just launched and now available for ASICs or FPGAs are:

・ Polynomial, Frequency Domain, and Anisotropic Image Scalers, to convert the original resolution of an image or video to that of the system’s display. These image scaler core choices help designers optimize systems for applications ranging from very small mobile displays to ultra-high resolution large screens.

・ A Motion Adaptive Video Deinterlacer, to convert analog television or 1080i signals to non-interlaced, high-quality format for subsequent processing or display. The deinterlacer can perform fast and accurate Film Mode detection also called Inverse Telecine or 3:2 Pulldown for reconstructing original 24 fps material.

・ A 2D Graphics Accelerator, to speed up high-quality, high-resolution image rendering by implementing common graphic functions such as block transfers and vector drawing in fast hardware.

These cores are sourced from video and image IP experts Trilinear Technologies, a recently announced CAST technology partner.

Learn more about the new image and video processing cores by visiting

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